Male. Indonesian. Mouse User Artist and I'm still trying to save my money for buying a Drawing Tablet. I have so many OTP and I will update the list inside my tumblr later. I hope i can make all the fanart like magic but the fact i need times to make all of them. Be my pleasure for receiving your message or Q/A or anything, maybe i will took a long time to reply it, but i promise that i will reply all of them, just wait and be patience. I hope we can be friends. I'm kinda lonely and clumsy person, please be nice to me. Regards. :)

Finally finished … My Digital Drawing and Painting of Nico Turtle *plak “Nico Tortorella” and his Puppy “Mama” from his personal photoshoot. FYI he is Jacob Wells / Will Wilson from tv series The Following. So i hope i don’t miss anything in this Digital Painting. I hope you like it ;).

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